"Bone Handled Utility Knife," Steel, Bone, Sterling Silver, Leather, Cord, 6", 2014, Private Collection

"Primary Shapes Foyer Platter," Patinated Steel and Enamel, 10" x 10" x 14" , 2016, Private Collection

"Fabric Ring set," Patinated Sterling Silver, 2012, Private Collection

"Primary Shapes Fire Tool Set"

​Patinated Steel, 2015, Private Collection

​Stainless Steel Planter Boxes, Stainless steel, Private Residence, 2016

"Id," Patinated Steel and Enamel, 13" x 5' , 2012, Private Collection of Southern Illinois University, 1st. Place Recipient within the 2012 Purchase Award Exhibition at Southern Illinois University. 

​Photo by R.J. Bachmann

"Fissure Platter," (Aerial View)  Patinated Steel and Gold, 2.5" x 12" x 15" 2012, Private Collection, Photo by R.J. Bachmann.

Fine Art, Architecture, and Design

"Bronze Totem," Patinated Bronze, 3" x 12" , 2013, Private Collection


"Runner," Patinated Steel and Chrome, 8" x 28" x 9' 6", 2014, Private Collection,​Juror's Award Recipient within the 2016 "Craft Forms" Exhibition, Photo by R.J. Bachmann

​​​Widolff Studios

"Contemporary Fire Tool Set"

​Patinated Steel, 2014, Private Collection

Architecture and Functional Metal work

"Sparks in Flight," Patinated Steel and Enamel, 8" x 24" x 8', 2012,  Private Collection, 1st Place recipient during the 2012 Student Exhibition at Southern Illinois University.  

Photo by R.J. Bachmann

"Declaration," Patinated Steel and Enamel, 6" x 30", 2014, Private Collection.