"Declaration," Patinated Steel and Enamel, 6" x 30", 2014, Private Collection. 

"Primary Shapes Fire Tool Set"

​Patinated Steel, 2015, Private Collection

"Runner," Patinated Steel and Chrome, 8" x 28" x 9' 6", 2014, Private Collection,​Juror's Award Recipient within the 2016 "Craft Forms" Exhibition, Photo by R.J. Bachmann

​Stainless Steel Planter Boxes, Stainless steel, Private Residence, 2016

"Id," Patinated Steel and Enamel, 13" x 5' , 2012, Private Collection of Southern Illinois University, 1st. Place Recipient within the 2012 Purchase Award Exhibition at Southern Illinois University. 

​Photo by R.J. Bachmann

"Paw Paw Platter" 10"x 10" x 15", Steel and Pine, 2017, Private Collection

"Contemporary Fire Tool Set"

​Patinated Steel, 2014, Private Collection


"Primary Shapes Foyer Platter," Patinated Steel and Enamel, 10" x 10" x 14" , 2016, Private Collection

"A Growing Power," Patinated Steel and Enamel, 5" x 14" x 32",

​2014, Private Collection

"Bronze Totem," Patinated Bronze, 3" x 12" , 2013, Private Collection

"Fabric Ring set," Patinated Sterling Silver, 2012, Private Collection

​​​Widolff Studios

"Fissure Platter," (Aerial View)  Patinated Steel and Gold, 2.5" x 12" x 15" 2012, Private Collection, Photo by R.J. Bachmann.

"Bone Handled Utility Knife," Steel, Bone, Sterling Silver, Leather, Cord, 6", 2014, Private Collection

Architecture and Functional Metal work

"Sparks in Flight," Patinated Steel and Enamel, 8" x 24" x 8', 2012,  Private Collection, 1st Place recipient during the 2012 Student Exhibition at Southern Illinois University.  

Photo by R.J. Bachmann

Fine Art, Architecture, and Design